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Some people like the mother of the

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Some people like the mother of the eyebrows, some people like the father of the bear, and I like the respectable grandfathery Carton Of Newports, I have the privilege of meeting a few grandfathers who are playing chess, and one of them is different and deeply attracted to me. I walked with a curious heart and looked at the grandfather up and down carefully. I saw that the old man was kind and kind, and he was amiable. He saw that the grandfather was of medium build, not fat or thin, and his back had already been slightly humped down. I couldn��t help but ask the old grandfather: "How old are you?" "75." "Oh, already 75 years old." I saw the white hair of the grandfather, it was like a layer of hoarfrost Cigarettes Online, and the skin of the ancient Tung color is very eye-catching, it must be the grandfather. It has been caused by labor in the farmland for many years. There is also a wrinkle on the face, just like the ripples on the small river. When the grandfather laughed, the face immediately burst into a chrysanthemum. When the grandfather stared at me, I suddenly noticed a kindly gaze in the eyes of the grandfather. There is also the old man's wrinkled mouth Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, he smiled and revealed his teeth Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the teeth have been yellow, there are a few silver dentures on the top, there are some small black holes. The old man's dress is particularly eye-catching: a thin shirt with a washed white vest and a loose coat. And wearing a pair of jeans that have been worn out on the legs, this trousers does not know how many years he has spent with him. There are also a pair of authentic old Beijing shoes on the feet. Although the clothes are very old, they are still very neat. Although there is no mother's grace, but very hardworking and simple. Therefore, an industrious and the one that hurts me the most is the hands. When I see the hands, my heart is like the pain of being pinched. The palm is rough and hard, and it is covered with the old yellow cockroach. And the back of the grandfather's hand is like the bark of a pine tree is rough, and the deformed fingers, the fingernails are already curved, and the meat on the fingers, let people look at it. nausea. And the exposed blood vessels are like a scorpion. Although it is a very ugly hand in the eyes of others, it is a beautiful hand in my eyes. It is this hand that Grandpa, I love you, you are the one who pays for the society, you are a respectable person.
Time has gradually passed away, but I can't pass my colorful growth story. Although I have experienced a lot in this year, the stories I have experienced are like pigments. In the painting I grew up, Added a part that belonthis year, I experienced the joys and sorrows of my friends. Although I cried and hurt, I learned a lot in this growth. Xiaolan is a confidant who grew up with me. We used to play together and fight together. I will never forget the days when we used to fight. It��s just that there is no banquet in the world. On that day, she said that his father had a stable job in the field, and the family had to go to live with her father. Upon hearing this news, I was glad and sad. I am glad that her family's economy has finally got a better way out, but more is grief. I really don't want such a close friend. On the night she spit out the news Newport Cigarettes Price, I cried. Tears soaked the pillow, but lying down, bueeting place to wait for me early. She smiled at me and said hello, but I couldn't be happy. She came to comfort me and told me a lot. Unconsciously, we said one morning, just at noon, and it also indicated that Xiaoxiao should leave. When she got in the car, she hurriedly threw a sentence - don't cry for friendship, be glad that there was a time, sincere Treat each friend, you will also feel that I am by your side. I waved to say goodbye to him, but the words echoed in my heart, the feeling is strange and familiar..., but the most b

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