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I don't know who once said: Every

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I don't know who once said: Every child is a seed Wholesale Cigarettes. When they come to the world from the garden of heaven, God arranges a guardian angel-mother for each of them. I also have such an angelic mother. From birth to the present, she always cares for me in every possible way, giving me endless love. These loves are like the stars in the sky, and the number is countless. One of the things the biting cold wind blew, and the sky was drizzling with drizzle. Because I want to participate in the dance competition, after eating breakfast, my sick mother is riding a bicycle and sending me to the dance school. However, when riding halfway, a little girl suddenly crossed the road. In order not to hurt the little girl, the mother pressed the bell and pressed the brakes hard. Because the road was too slippery, the bicycle constantly twisted and twisted. . Finally, just listening to the "ž", the bicycle fell to the ground, and I quickly closed my eyes. After a while, I didn't feel any pain. When I slowly opened my eyes and looked at it, I fell on my mother! I understand that it was my mother who protected me with my body at the moment of falling. But my mother is covered in muddy water and the clothes are hanged! There is still blood on the face and arms... I watched my mother fall like this, my tears kept falling down! Mom saw me crying, struggling to stand up Cigarettes Online, wiped my tears with my hand, and asked distressedly: "Is it hurting?" I shook my head hard and said with tears: "I don't hurt!" In my words, my mother smiled and said with a smile: "I am relieved if I don't fall, but the car is broken, my mother can't send you, can you go to the dance school yourself? Mom goes to repair the car!" Then she kissed My forehead added: "Be careful on the road!" After that Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, he limped and pushed the bicycle away. Looking at the back of his mother, I shouted at her loudly: "Mom. Go to the hospital and pack it, you don't have me up! Just as I was burying my head and rushing into the rain and fog, I suddenly heard someone calling out my name loudly. I looked up and was a mother! I saw my mother holding an umbrella, standing in the rain and smiling at me Marlboro Gold. I was so excited that I ran over and took my mother's hand and asked my mother: "I didn't say that you won't pick me up. Why don't you go to the hospital?" Mom smiled and replied softly: "The world Nothing isine Cigarettes Cheaper, giving me warmth; my mother's love is also a bag of fertilizer, giving me nutrition; my mother's love is spring rain, nourishing me, irritable me Let me break through and thrive!

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