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n the third day of the New Year,

in Fanclub Dölbau 17.07.2018 04:42
von ylq | 48 Beiträge | 580 Punkte

n the third day of the New Year, my father and I came to the ski resort. There are not many skiers, so I got a coach because of the first time Marlboro Cigarettes.ter we put on our shoes, the first task is to ski on the skis and gliding in the white ocean. This is a very difficult task, because the snowboard is very heavy, so you must be very careful when you walk. So the coach told us a secret - to make the left side of the snowboard slightly tilted up and keep the center of gravity in the middle Cigarettes Online. I tried to take two steps and it was a lot easier.king the elevator to the top of the slope, I looked down and looked at the snow, and stood a few people sparsely.few of us, one by one, slid down one by one, and I fell to the ground within three steps. After I fell, I continued to slide down, and I couldn��t stop. After falling, I found that everyone else is like me. The coach also told us a secret, when sliding, just kneel down and put your hands on your knees Newport Cigarettes Website. When the snowboard is formed into a character, the speed will slow down and even listening to it, I climbed uphill again and then slipped. This time the situation is much better than the last time, but it still fell. After three times Wholesale Cigarettes, I gradually mastered the skills, and I was able to move freely. So I decided to climb higher, which is not only more exciting, but also more difficultquickly climbed up. There is no one here. I quietly played the retreat. But courage tells me that I can't back down Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. I took a deep breath and put on the skis.e skis slid down the terrain, and the speed was amazing. I used a slight effort on the heels of the two legs. The skis opened up and the speed slowed down. When I reached the ground, my feet were forced and the skis suddenly got excited. I climbed to the top of the hill again. When the cold wind passed through my hair, I understood: I need courage to do anything, I must dare to try, because people always grow up in the constant fall. Get up.

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