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Dodgers displayed a message on the scoreboard

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Rick Monday’s 19 year baseball career was full of some memorable firsts, but none captured the attention of the nation like the time he saved the American flag from being burned.

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Wednesday marks the 42nd anniversary of the day that Monday, the A’s first draft pick but then a Cubs outfielder, made what some still call one of the greatest plays in Major League Baseball history.

The year was 1976 and there were tumultuous times in America while the country was celebrating its 200th birthday. Unrest was on display in the fourth inning of the Cubs Dodgers game in Los Angeles when two protestors ran onto the field and began lighting the American flag on fire in left field.
When he noticed what was happening, Monday ran from his center field position and swooped in to snatch the flag away from the two young men Sonny Gray Jersey, one of whom fired a can of lighter fluid at Monday.
Monday jogged toward the Dodgers dugout with the flag, soaked in lighter fluid, and handed it to a player for safe keeping.

After realizing what Monday did, the Dodgers displayed a message on the scoreboard, “Rick Monday … You made a great play.” The fans followed by giving Monday a standing ovation.
For the guy who the A’s made the No. 1 pick in baseball’s first draft in ’65 and who later hit the A’s first home run at the Coliseum and became one of their first All Stars, Monday remains most remembered for and most proud of what he prevented 42 years ago.
“From time to time, people ask, ‘Well are you upset because you spent 19 seasons in the major leagues and you’re known primarily for stopping two people from burning the flag?’ ” Monday said. “If that’s all you’re known for, it’s not a bad thing at all.”

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