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Today is the first day of the May Day holiday. Most people with conditions are willing to travel, just as the recent red-hot phrase "The world is so big, I want to see it", tells the voices of countless people. People like our unconditional hikes are not willing to miss a rare opportunity to relax. No, our family came to the park after using it too early. As soon as I stepped into the park, I first smelled the fragrance of trees and flowers. Perhaps it is still early, there are not many people in the park, and they are sparsely populated. The melodious light music rang through every corner of the park, and the wind blew my clothes. Suddenly, I felt that the cells that were covered were stretched out and felt refreshed. Stepping on the sunken steps, every step of the way, my body and mind seem to relax a beat. I couldn't help but marvel at the uniqueness of the park designer's ingenuity across the wide steps Cigarettes Online, and we came to the river in a short while. In the shallow waters of the river, fishing enthusiasts have long thrown long lines, waiting for the big fish on the hook. The river surface of Haohao Tangtang, sometimes with a ship with a deep draught, passes through the waves that swayed on both sides and slammed the stones of the berm Carton Of Cigarettes. After the waves, not far from the rocky crevices, there were three or five groups of small fish, which attracted a burst of screams from the children. Looking at the extremes of the river flowing to the hustle and bustle, I can't help thinking about the moment. The children are like the eagle who saw the rabbits, and they are looking for happy "targets". I stepped on the soft soil, and opened the "beauty" hanging down the banyan tree, and the laughter of the child came to the edge of the fish pond There are a lot of fish there, and there are many people, and they are vying to feed the fat fish. It is not surprising that this kind of situation is much more interesting, so I did not stop to watch, but continued to follow the trail between Maolin and Zhulin. Tired, sitting on a stone bench, or leaning against the trunk, listening to the wind blowing through the leaves, the rustling of the branches, the branches shimmering, the sunlight through the leaves swayed to the ground, and the dance was shattered. Appreciating the wonderful things of nature, then I walked to the shore of the pool. On the small "island" in the middle of the pool, there is an oleander that shines brightly Marlboro Cigarettes, like a burning torch, which is particularly dazzling under the green surroundings. I suddenly forgot that it is spring now. It is the season when the flowers bloom in a comfortable office. Maybe we have forgotten the original ideals. We have long lost our fighting spirit and buried ourselves in the piles of files all day long. Gradually, the boat of life lost its route and direction. I remember that Nietzsche said: "Every day that has never danced is a disappointment to life Cigarettes For Sale." I thought, the flowers never forget to bloom in the most beautiful season, why did we remember to bloom in the most beautiful years? I followed When the road was picked up, there was no ease when the steps were down.
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