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It was only a couple of months ago that the news of cruel treatment of bunnies to create angora wares had retailers pulling those fuzzy sweaters off the shelves. And, now, there's an even more shocking turn of affairs in the clothing-manufacturing industry that has us seriously appalled. A German newspaper reports that cat fur has been used in the production for some of the country's high-street brands. Animals' Liberty, an animal protection organization, reportedly broke the story, revealing that Tom Taylor and M\u00fcller, two German retailers, Golden Goose Outlet were selling hats and pom-poms that contained feline furs.

While the idea of using our beloved, whiskered friends this way is horrifying, it's also totally against the law. The EU made it illegal in 2009 \u2014 which, in retrospect, seems sort of late in the game, no? \u2014 to import fur that comes from domestic animals. Ultimately, the brands did remove the products from their shelves, but that doesn't make us feel very confident or comfortable about the origins of our clothing. Germany or the U.S., cats or rabbits \u2014 frankly, there needs to be more accountability for ethical fashion and the products being sold, especially in mass quantities. And, keep your paws off the cats, please! (The Gloss)

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