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One's wisdom and foresight is the foundation for success. You can solve the problem first, telling a story to you to listen to a big company to hire a sales manager. The news spread, and the people who came to apply for the job almost smashed the company's door company, Mr. Zhang, attached great importance to this recruitment and personally interviewed. But when I saw the applicant for the morning, he felt that it was not ideal. At noon, a young woman walked in from outside the door. I saw that she had a big pie face, a black face, a bunch of freckles, and a look at her body. Zhang always felt that the woman was familiar and looked at it carefully. Suddenly her eyes lit up and asked: "You are Wang Lili, do you live in the Summer Palace?" The woman nodded. Mr. Zhang said: "Your conditions are good, please leave relevant information. I will inform you as soon as possible with the news." The people next to them are dumbfounded. After Wang Lili left, Vice President Li came over and reminded: "Zhang Zong Marlboro Lights, the sales manager needs to show up. Is the condition of Wang Lili worse?" Zhang always smiled and said, "I know what you mean. But I It was because she was ugly that she decided to hire her." Everyone showed a confused look. Mr. Zhang explained: "This Wang Lili is in our community and married a tall, handsome, handsome man." Vice-President Li said: "The man is sure that Wang Lili has money or has a backstage." Zhang always shook his head and said: No. The man��s family is rich, and Wang Lili��s family is in a remote and poor mountain village, and there is no backstage.�� Vice-President Li scratched his head and said, ��Would the man look at this ugly duckling?�� Zhang said: I think so. This Wang Lili can sell herself out so badly, and the sales are so successful, what else can she sell?" . . The jokes have been returned to the book, and now I will tell you about the three-seventh theory Newport Cigarettes. These three or seven arguments! It can be used in many ways, depending on how you use it. Whether you are doing business, talking about love, or doing things, you can use it in your career, for example, if you open a factory, workshop, or company. Of course, it is impossible for you to produce a lot of products, or to sell products yourself. You need to work with partners, such as your finished product requires a lot of parts to be assembled into finished products, and these parts of your factory can not be fully produced, then you need external processing. These processing companies are your partners. So, how can we make ourselves invincible? For example; there are several workshops in the factory, and there are several workshop directors in charge. You pin everything on the factory, and of course they will be very satisfied. However, what if they have one to resign? Or is it a disease that is not up to the task? They control the entire lifeline of the factory, and once they leave, the factory will be greatly affected. In order to avoid risks, you need to arrange at least three assistants for them, such as a total of 10 jobs, the workshop director is responsible for seven, the other three, divided by three assistants. In this way, even if the workshop director has a problem, you can quickly pull out one of the three assistants to take over his work, and the factory operation will not be out of touch. The reason is the same. You hand over the processed products to an external company. What should you do if there is a problem with this company? Even if someone is willing to help you, you will pay more. Suppose you have 10,000 chips to process, it is better to divide into 7000 and 3000, so that the most reassuring one is responsible for processing 7,000, and the other three are responsible for processing 1000, so that even if the big company has problems Marlboro Gold, Reproduction, the other three can also take over the project quickly, continue to produce in the love of talking, not a word is said: "The focus is on the ground to cultivate." This also fits the three-seven theory Cheap Cigarettes. In talking about love, you can't hang on a tree. You are the best way to evolve species. The continuation of life is the result of the union of men and women. For example, if you like a man "Woman", you put all your energy on it Marlboro Red. Once he has problems with "She", you lose more than just a person, but your entire body and mind. If you leave a little, go and like other people. It will not fall into the abyss at once. Doing things and breaking 10 into 7+3, no matter how the world changes. You can always avoid the risk. I will tell you this, but I want to tell you that people are selfish. In any case, people are mutually beneficial. Keep your eyes a little farther away, don't be complacent about the success of a moment, and don't be unhappy for a moment of failure. Three piles of a fence, three gangs of a hero. As the saying goes, "People who have no long-term care must have near-worry." Everything must give yourself a question mark.
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