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A few days ago

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A few days ago, because of the old headache of the headache, I went to the nearby pharmacy to buy medicine. When I first entered the store, I was shocked by the front of the squad. I noticed all kinds of obvious discount labels on the medicine cabinet. What? Purchase three boxes to get one box", "first 10% off, second piece 50% off", "original price 11.9 yuan, current price 5.9 yuan"... on the bright yellow paper, with a bright red exclamation mark, rush into the living your eyes. The clerk spares no effort to show their warm smiles in front of you. I ask you over and over again: Do you want to have a membership card? There is a gift during the event. I can't help but shudder. This is still a pharmacy. I think of a paragraph that I saw in the WeChat circle of friends not long ago: I used to stick to the couplet at the door of the former pharmacy, and I would like to write on --- I hope that people in the world will be disease-free, and they would rather put drugs on the dust. Now the pharmacy is pulling the banner in front of the door, writing it--- After purchasing the medicine for 38 yuan and sending the eggs to the 6 dumbfounded laughter, you will find out that we are struggling to catch up with the pace of the economy and catch up with the pace of the times, but it is because the footsteps are too fast. Lost the most important thing in our soul --- simple and kind Mark Twain said: Kindness is a universal language that can make blind people feel that the blind man has seen a very warm little story. A carpenter went to seek medical attention with his sick wife. On the mountain road, he saw a little monster holding a broken puppet toy and crying very sadly. The carpenter put down his wife, and Dangdang repaired the puppet of the little monster. He collected the tools, took up his wife and was ready to continue on his way. The little monster suddenly pulled his clothes corner, picked up his toes and touched his wife's pulse, and then said happily: I know how to fix this! Real goodness never needs Return, but everything is the best arrangement, your kindness will eventually give you the most beautiful surprises Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. In a coffee shop in Los Angeles, there are many guests who order two cups of coffee at the same time, a cup of their own drink, and a cup of sticky notes on the wall. The cup of coffee on the wall was prepared for the local poor. In order to allow these poor people to receive the same respectful service, they silently turned this kindness into a child who respects a kindergarten. Unfortunately, she suffered from leukemia. Long-term chemotherapy has lost her black hair. She is particularly afraid of being taken by others. Mocking. But just before she learned that she was going back to kindergarten, the teacher and the whole class of children all shaved their hair and watched everyone as happy as their own Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale. She couldn��t help but laugh at your kindness, always Can make the purest flower in this world bloom. The 40th president of the United States Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, Reagan was very poor at home. He dreamed of having a pair of beautiful shoes. He heard that as long as he tells his wishes to God on Christmas Day, the boss of the shop will help you realize your wishes. Christmas finally arrived, Reagan could not wait to run into a shoe store Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes, pointing to a pair of beautiful shoes and said to the boss: "Please tell me God, I hope he gave these shoes as a gift to my shoe store owner to see Reagan��s smashed shoes on his feet said quietly: ��Well, I will ask you God!�� After a while, the boss came out, he put one of his shoes in Reagan��s hand, to him. Said: "God said, he can only send you a shoe, the other one just make money by yourself to buy!" Roots quickly earned two dollars by scrapping, and he finally has a pair of beautiful shoes. The real kindness is Being dignified, giving with dignity and accepting with dignity. No one has the right to ask for the goodness of others because of his own hardship. Of course, no one can regard his kindness as a kind of condescending alms. For a long time, people will give fixed financial assistance to a tramp at a fixed time and in a fixed place. Suddenly one day, he lost half of the money to the tramp, the tramp Surprised, ask him why. Young people said: I have recently made a girlfriend, all kinds of expenses have become more, there is not so much money to help you! The tramp is on fire Free Carton Of Newports, and screams angrily: you dare Take my money to soak the woman bus, an old man slaps a small girl who doesn't want to let the seat slap, and growls and snarls: I don't know how to give the elderly a seat, how your family teaches you goodness. The seeds can only produce good flowers in the soft land. If your heart is always full of temper and selfishness, even if there is more redemption, you can't let your soul reach heaven to believe in Christianity, before every meal. They will pray to God in good faith, they call it ��thank you��, and thank God for the food they have received. Because they believe that everything that the world has is not acquired for no reason, we must use such a ceremony. Let yourself always have a grateful heart. Sometimes we need to give our soul a spiritual ritual, because in this impetuous life, we have lost too many instruments. It includes a kind ceremony. May every good kind of you be a lotus flower in front of the Buddha, light up the long light that screams the first heart, and then solemnly make a good wish, pray that my Buddha can be compassionate. Heart, urge us to be a kind person. wf

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