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Sitting in a quiet time,

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von ylq | 37 Beiträge | 470 Punkte

Sitting in a quiet time, accompanied by a cup of fragrant tea, watching the tea leaves slowly precipitate, very comfortable, looking up at the sky and clouds, the heart of homesickness has already flown back to the distant hometown, and the youngsters themselves Relive the good times of childhood as a long river that rushes, smashing the years of people, unconsciously has reached the coveted years Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, maybe the elderly have this habit, like to quietly stay in their own space, In the long corridor of time, search for the shadow of the youth, relive the happiness and warmth of the father and mother in the beautiful time, lament the regrets of those who failed to realize their dreams, have warmth and sadness, yeah, do you put I forgot Newports Cigarettes Price, but you still have a clear impression in my mind. We have remembered us for a long time, intimate, inseparable, you are innocent and lively, pure and kind, generous, and help others, is the child in the eyes of parents and neighbors. It is the backbone of the small partners that we can rely on. Although we were born in the countryside, we grew up in that poor age, the economy was backward, and the material was scarce, but with the love of our parents, we Fortunately, I am happy. Poverty allows rural children to climb in the mud from childhood, let us learn the skills of labor, develop good habits of hard work, diligence and thrift, and develop the good character of loyalty to the parents and respect for the elderly. Poverty has honed our will, and we have great goals and ideals in our hearts. We are full of hope for the future. In the hard life, we hope to grow up quickly. In that beautiful boy's time, we are accompanied by each other, learning and working together. Every spring, the earth warms up and everything recovers. Together with our little friends, we sway the warm spring breeze, run on the endless fields, and dig all kinds of wild vegetables to help the family survive the hardships of life. Children are naturally fun, digging vegetables while not forgetting to fight, and often arguing for a wild vegetable. When they are resting, chasing the flying kites, running and running, tired and sweaty, exhausted Lying in the arms of Mother Earth Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, bathing in the warm sunshine, falling asleep, lingering in a beautiful dream! Forgot the mother's pot and other pots, and when I got home, I was blamed and distressed by my mother. The most interesting thing in the summer is to have a glass bottle with fireflies in my hands every night, in groups of three, like the underground squad, sweeping the singers who are singing, although they will be face and hands I made a blood mark, but when I saw the noisy and brilliant results, I forgot the pain, went home, fried and fried, and had a delicious meal. In the era of poverty, I could have such a delicious meal. Meal, how happy it is. In the winter, the village headed the river and formed a thick ice. Together with the children, we braved the cold wind, skating on the big natural ice rink of the stadium, slid and kicked. The scorpion, one small face, frozen purple red and purple, one accidentally, fell a dog to eat ʺ, one by one, one light and one slip, half a day to climb up, that burst of innocent and hearty laughter, broke the silence of the winter village Filled with the hopes of parents, screaming, madly laughing, unconsciously, we gradually grew up, but we did not see your traces, leaving a growing up, I trekked on the difficult road of life, go throw We came oath and dreams. Lonely time allowed me to understand the responsibility of life. For the family, for the children, for the sake of life, squatting on the rough road, and gradually looking back, lamenting the ruthlessness, fleeting, and never returning , leaving many regrets for life. After experiencing the vicissitudes of life, I have not had time to taste the taste of life. It has reached the age of ancient times and became a wrinkled, silver-haired old man who has reached this age and likes to sit quietly in the depths of time. Looking at the changing circumstances Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, Yunjuan Yunshu, let the thoughts fly to distant hometowns, return to the golden childhood, the young, in that small world, open long film film, free in Yonglan In the time, the scene is flashing, I like to see your innocent and tender, green face, under the dim oil lamp, pick up a small mouth, look tired and learn, like to listen to your crisp reading sound Cheap Cigarette, and kneel The happiness of the mother's spoiled, unconsciously surging tears burst out, wet clothes! Although you have been coveted, you were a teenager! Have had a beautiful dream of a boyhood, have the happiness and warmth of the father and mother love !

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