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Salt fields enter into harvest

in Fanclub Dölbau 11.01.2019 03:35
von xuezhiqian123 | 1.315 Beiträge | 13150 Punkte

Why An Attorney Should Be Hired Why An Attorney Should Be Hired August 11 M.J. Stewart Youth Jersey , 2013 | Author: Cathy Mercer | Posted in Marketing
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BRUSSELS, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thanion Thursday called on its neighbor states to lift the ""illegal and baseless"" blockade and tackle their differences in a ""civilized way.""

He made the remarks at a press conference in the European Parliament in Brussels after meeting with Members of European Parliament (MEPs).

The foreign minister stressed that the list of 13 demands for resuming diplomatic ties put forward by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates Noah Spence Youth Jersey , Bahrain and Egypt in late June, was ""unacceptable"".

""Qatar never accepts interfering in any country's politics, and will not accept others interfering in our politics,"" he said.

He also argued that ""no none should claim Qatar has special relationship with Iran.""

On June 5 Kendell Beckwith Youth Jersey , the Saudi-led quartet severed diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed a blockade on the rich tiny Gulf nation, citing Doha's support for terrorism and extremism, interference in their internal affairs, and seeking closer ties with Iran. Qatar has strongly denied these charges.

Tensions were renewed last week when Qatar announced it would send back its ambassador to Iran Ali Marpet Youth Jersey , a rival for most Gulf nations. Qatar recalled its envoy in Tehran in early 2016 in a show of solidarity with Saudi Arabia after the attacks on two Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash on Saturday strongly criticized Qatar's ""arrogance and adolescent behavior"" for the deepening of the crisis.

Despite a flurry of diplomatic mediation efforts made by the United States, the European Union, and Kuwait in the past months, the Gulf standoff has shown no signs of abating.

A look at Xiamen-Moscow freight train service center

Salt fields enter into harvest season in China's Liaoning

China's summer travel peak ends

In pics: construction site

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RE: Salt fields enter into harvest

in Fanclub Dölbau 14.01.2019 07:36
von kikvfsrd | 23 Beiträge | 115 Punkte

In pics: paddy fields across China
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