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Dear Sichuan people:

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von ylq | 45 Beiträge | 550 Punkte

Dear Sichuan people: How are you! Since the earthquake of magnitude 8.0 in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province in 2008 Bulk Cigarettes For Sale, the hearts of the 1.3 billion Chinese children in the motherland have been touched by you. Various donations have been organized and invested in the ranks of earthquake relief. Time, news, newspapers, magazines. On the TV, you have boarded your deeds, a touching story, a cry of helpless crying, and the separation of flesh and blood, burning our hearts. Yes, the earthquake disaster casts a shadow on your pure heart. However, the disaster is ruthless, and as long as we are not difficult, we will be able to rebuild the home of the beggar. My fellow citizens, the motherland is your mother, and we are your closest relatives. We have troubles together. Influenza A is now circulating around the world. Are you building your home and medical equipment? You must pay attention to your body, the climate is not necessarily, you must pay attention to warm and cold. I must learn to grow up and help you rebuild a better home teacher together. A thousand words are summed up in one sentence - thank you, dear teacher! When I am learning difficulties, you are constantly encouraging me; when I am proud, you will criticize me and say, "Don't be proud!"her, you are a hard gardener, nurture us to grow. Teacher, you are tired of white hair for us. From the first day we enter the campus, you are constantly calling us the truth. Teacher, you have to judge your homework every day. This is a meticulous brain activity! We should respect you and appreciate your hard work.emember that once you had coughed, you came to school to give us lessons. Teacher, your love, the sun is generally warm; the spring breeze is generally harmonious; the spring is generally sweet. Your love is more severe than the father's love; more selfish than the mother's love; purer than the love of your love; your love, the greatest, the most selfless; the most sacred! When I was in class, I heard your coughing sound. My heart hurt like a needle stuck in it. Suddenly, my bean-like tears flowed down from the corner of my eyes. You walked slowly toward me and shouted a husky pair Buy Newport 100'S Cigarettes Online. I said, "Xiao Ying, what's wrong with you? Is it not uncomfortable?" In order to let the teacher not worry Cheapest Marlboro Red 100 Carton, I said, "I am fine with the teacher, don't worry!" I am very happy to hear your kind regards Online Newport Cigarette Store. teacher, my thoughts on you will never change Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, such as the spring breeze smashed through the flowers; the sun shines fruitful! Your guidance will allow me to insert the ideal wings from a young age and sail to the ocean of knowledge!

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