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This morning, the school

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This morning, the school organized a visit to the Museum of the Puppet Manchurian Palace. Everyone listened and cheered, so I wanted to go to the Puppet Palace immediately to have a look. After a while, the students waited for the departure time, and then we took the shuttle bus to the Puppet Palace. the road, we all have a few laughs. Some people say, "What is it like?" people said, "What is the palace?" Some people said: "The environment there must be particularly good."look at the window again, to see where it is like a pseudo-manchurian palace, just like the pseudo-manchurian palace used a split. a while, we came to the gate of the Puppet Palace. I saw a greenhouse. At first I thought it was Bo. door to the house! Unexpectedly, I was actually the gate of the garden outside the museum. Later, under the leadership of the teacher, we first came to the Huaiyuan Building of the Royal Palace.yuan Building is divided into two floors Cheap Newport Cigarettes Cartons Online. The first floor is the pseudo-palace near the servant, the palm ceremonial office, the attendant military officer and the emperor accounting review bureau; the second floor is the pseudo-palace palace, the guardian office, the medium-sized, we came to the Qixi Building with the crowd Free Carton Of Newports. When I entered the house, I didn��t expect it to be two-tiered. On the west side of the second floor is the living area of ??Puyi, which mainly includes bedroom, study, hairdressing room, Buddhist temple, bathroom and Chinese medicine library. Puyi's bedroom is decorated in a simple and clear style. The bed is a mahogany bed carved with two dragons and bead patterns. A pair of satin pillows on the bed is said to have been hand-stitched by the noble man Tan Yuling. Puyi was born with fear of heat. From childhood, he developed the habit of sleeping with a towel. He was covered in summer, covered in winter, and covered with a white sanitary sheet, which was changed every day. Strangely, there are two artificial mannequins, one male and one female Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, placed under the southern window, usually covered with cloth. Before going to sleep, Puyi often placed them in
Learn about the funeral bedroom, now let's take a look at his barbershop. Puyi��s hairdressing room is small, but hairdressing appliances are readily available. There is a Japanese named Tsuda who specializes in haircuts for the funeral. Every time the cut hair is wrapped in yellow enamel, marked with the date, and properly preserved to show the cherishedness of the dragon. In addition, it is also used as a disinfection room. The funeral device is used to inject the imported strong hormone hormones and is disinfected here. Puyi has cleanliness. Not only does the shirt have to be changed every day, but in the summer, he also carries an alcohol case with him. Even if the fly falls on his body, he should wipe it with alcohol cotton to avoid contamination with bacteria. we crowded out the crowd and organized the team, and then came to the history exhibition hall in the northeast. After we entered, we were dazzled. Because it consists of three major sections: conspiracy, cruel articles, and anti-war articles, a total of more than 1,200 historical photographs and more than 1,000 precious cultural relics are exhibited, using high-tech sound, light, electricity, and so on. The arguable historical facts, objects, and materials fully and truly demonstrate the history of humiliation in the fall of the Northeast Buy Discount Cigarettes, profoundly demonstrating that Japanese militaristic force has invaded China's northeast, praised the anti-Japanese war led by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese nation, and the anti-fascist in the world. In the war, we adhered to the battlefield in the East and joined the people of the world in winning the great feat of the final victory of the War of Resistance Against we took a photo in front of the century-old steam locomotive Buy Newport 100S Online. After leaving a memorial, we practiced to walk out of the Puppet Palace and take the shuttle bus back to the school.

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