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Made from Scratch: Panthers vs Giants;

uncle Dino returns Hello devoted readership of Cat Scratch Reader. I’m Dino. You may remember me from a prior article I wrote several years back Carolina Panthers Hats , and Erik has welcomed me again to correspond with you regarding your upcoming loss against my New York Giants, aka the G MEN BABAAAAAYYYY!! Can you believe he’d actually have me back? I mean, it’s not like he had a choice in the matter... what with the late night phone calls and disguised voice box and what not.Anyways, he’s informed me I’m supposed to be more brief this time. You know what else was brief? The Falcons lead over those Fenway frank munchers from Boston in Super Bowl 51. Not only did I lose a boatload of money on that game, I had to listen to those Beantown Chowderheads gloat about winning another Lombardi for like the 300th time.My classic David Tyree retort is starting to get a little dated, but hey, it don’t matter none now, because Gettleman worked his Gettlemagic and got us Saquon Barkley, harbinger of all things bad for our opponents. And believe you me, Panthers fans, he’s bad for you like a loaded everything bagel from Rockford’s on 88th and Broad. Last time I had breakfast there my backside felt like it needed a dumping permit from the port authority, worst in the city!So I hear yous guys are confident heading into this game against my Giants. What, cause you had a week off after beating up on some Cincinnati Bengals or Tigers or something? Get outta here with that noise. Andy Dalton has the pocket moxie of a meter maid trying to solve a south Bronx homicide, and your boy Cam Newton hasn’t seen a pocket all season.You think I’m impressed that your team is mostly healthy again, and you signed that wiseguy Eric Reid? You’re gonna need a bigger posse than that to put the brakes on Odell Beckham jr. That Luke Kuechly? He’s pretty good... but he ain’t nothing that the thoroughbred thighs of Saquon Barkley can’t truck through. You seen those things? I mean... I ain’t gay or nothin’... not that there’s anything wrong with that... but you just gotta admire the craftsmanship that the big fella upstairs used when he was writing like Carolina Panthers Hoodie , the genetic code, or whatever.Now I’ll admit... our offensive line isn’t running the strongest protection racket for Eli Manning anymore, but Julius Peppers isn’t exactly the knee-capper he once was either. What’s that? You guys got someone named Mario Addison? Mario is a guy who delivers me pizzas, and I don’t think he’s got the anchovies to stink up Mr. Manning’s cheese right now. Kawann Short is a threat, but it’s amazing how guys tend to quiet down once i get my pal Bruno to explain all the things you can do with a tire iron that don’t involve changing a tire.So now that I have related to you all this fluff about why your team stands no chance on Sunday, allow me to give you the recipe for another New York delicacy. One that you can converse about randomly with other oversharing southerners at your local Hairy Teeter grocery store, or your Pubix, or wherever it was Erik sent me for beer that one time with all the froo froo displays and people asking if they could help me in funny accents.Uncle Dino’s Gameday Food of the Weekeatwell101.comSausage and Peppers served however you want ‘emThis dish may seem simple enough, but it’s a New York italian classic, just like mom used to make. You can serve this up on hoagie rolls, on some spaghetti, mixed vegetables, really however you want it. Ingredients5-6 Spicy italian sausages1 bell pepper sliced, any color1 yellow onion, sliced and halved2 tablespoons minced garlic4 large ripe tomatoes Cheap Customized Carolina Panthers Jerseys , diced OR 2 cans diced tomatoes if you’re lazy1 4oz can tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes1/2 cup vegetable or chicken broth1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes1 teaspoon Italian seasoningDirectionsBrown sausage on all sides in a large skillet with a bit of oil, remove sausages to cutting board, they do not need to be cooked through at this point.In the same pan, add a bit more oil and sautee onions, crushed red pepper flakes, and Italian seasoning. Add the garlic and tomato sauce and sautee a couple minutes more stirring often. Then add bell pepper and diced tomatoes and cook until vegetables are tender. Stir in broth and cook for another couple of minutes while season with salt and pepper to taste.Cut sausage into half inch pieces and add back to pan. Cook until sausage is done and the sauce thickens, about 10 minutes more.Yo, I hope you enjoy this recipe for a classic sausage and peppers dip, and that you may find yourself enjoying it during the game, because you sure won’t enjoy watching your Carolina Panthers get crushed on the field.Panthers vs. Cowboys: Key Matchups As we roll into Week 1, the Panthers face a young Dallas Cowboys squad with a solid run game. The Panthers defense will have their work cut out for them stopping the run and the offense looks to succeed in its first action under freshman offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Here are the key matchups to watch.Luke Kuechly vs. Ezekiel ElliottOne of the top running backs in the NFL faces arguably the best defender in the league. Elliott is a threat whether he is taking handoffs in the backfield or catching passes. Kuechly is a top tier run and pass defender. This is one of the premier matchups of Week 1 no matter how you slice it, and could impact the game more than any other one-on-one matchup. Kuechly can patrol sideline to sideline against the best of them, however Elliott lead the league in rushing his rookie year for a reason. Elliott figures to be heavily involved in all aspects of their offense as the consensus best weapon for the Cowboys.Mario Addison vs. Tyron SmithIn regards to the line, the rushing game will be a big factor. However, rushing Dak Prescott will be key as well. Kawann Short and Dontari Poe will make their debut as a unit , but ol’ reliable Mario Addison needs to show up as well. He has worked his way into a 3 down role with the Panthers, and will see Pro Bowler tackle Tyron Smith most of the night. Addison’s one of the better speed rushers in the NFL, but Smith is no stranger to top tier players. If Addison can get consistent pressure then Carolina’s secondary can make plays.Panthers tackles vs. Demarcus LawrenceThe Cowboys best pass rusher will face off against Taylor Moton and whatever the team has planned at right tackle. This could be problematic for a team that is attempting to be a more high powered passing offense. No, scratch that, it WILL be a problem. So far, Moton has held his own in the preseason. But playing 4 quarters against starting defensive lineman is a different animal. I also imagine the Cowboys will have a plan to attack the right side of the line, seeing as it will either be a plan C or a guy who is still recovering from injury. Pray for Cam Newton, please.Devin Funchess vs. Byron JonesThe Cowboys sport an underrated group of athletes at linebacker. Between Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith, they should have a plan for Greg Olsen. I don’t expect them to completely shut him down, but it should provide some 1 on 1 opportunities for the Panthers de facto number 1 wide receiver. Funchess is coming off a breakout year, showing he can be the number one target and succeed. However, I want to see it more consistently when he isn’t the best option among a series of bad ones. Funchess should be in for a workload of moving the chains. In a contract year, this is the perfect game to start building a case for his payday.What players are you watching, Panthers fans?

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