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Rice polisher is designed to have the best balance

It is important that rice polisher is designed to have the best balance between polish performance, energy consumption and yield. Bühler is committed to advancing its knowledge and developing the relevant technology to help resolve these issues. To optimize the entire polishing chamber-including the cam roll, sieve geometry, water addition system and aspiration. Traditionally, aspiration was only understood as a means of removing bran during polishing. However, research reveals that the air flow within the polishing chamber has a significant influence on the finished result of the polishing. Using computational fluid dynamic analysis (CFD), Bühler has optimized the air flow, ensuring that even with a relatively short polishing chamber, the desired polish can be achieved.

The major dust hazards for workers in rice mills are the dust emissions from different sections i.e. dumping of rice at a place for subsequent collection in gunny bags, feed of paddy from gunny bags to the dumping pit, cleaning of paddy grains, removal of husk from the paddy and polishing of rice. In addition, a dusty mill increases the risk of workers’ injury and fire hazard, which results in less production, higher insurance rates, and lawsuits. The increasing global attention on control of air pollution has made the containment of nuisance dust from rice milling operations within enclosures more imperative.

A new parboiling method was introduced to improve the parboiling time, milling yield and intrinsic quality of rice. The quick parboiling was found to be faster and time saving process for paddy parboiling and drying. It is also economical because sun drying is involved in it. While comparing the varieties of rice undertaken for this study, different physicochemical behaviour was observed for both the varieties along with variable moisture content in different stages of the study. Future large scale analysis with multiple varieties will yield better understanding about various aspects of moisture containment of rice grains and will aid in establishing the relationship with respect to parboiling event.

The rice whitener china-zjlg were designed to perform at different wet basis moisture levels (10, 11, 12 and 13). The initial moisture content of the sample was determined by using air oven method. About 5 g brown rice were taken and kept in a hot air oven maintained at 105 ± 10°C for 24 h, the moisture content, 11.82 ± 0.09% (wb) was determined gravimetrically by mean of four replications. Brown rice with desired moisture levels was obtained by the following procedure.

China-zjlg is based on high-grade and high-end market, products meet industry standards, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America and other countries. Click: to see more details.

« a 3-1 win MondaRice mills are turning to innovative rice polisher technology »

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